friend tech

Buy and trade tokens of your twitter "friends" onchain. - Owning a "key" (previously referred to as a "share") to a twitter friend allows you to talk to them and read their "alpha" in a private chat with other keyholders. - Speculators may wish to buy keys in the hope the value will go up as more people buy keys of twitter friends. ### Risk - On signing up you must give friend tech permissions to tweet on your behalf (you can revoke this in Twitter settings after you've signed up). - There is currently no Privacy Policy (23-Aug-2023). - The value of friends' keys can go up or down depending on demand, so if you buy a key there is a chance it will go down in value. - There have been similarities drawn with friend tech being similar to "paid groups". ### Reward - By paying for keys you get to talk with people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to talk to. - Speculators have bought popular people's keys early, before their value goes up, allowing them to sell keys for a profit as demand (and price) increases. - When people trade your keys you earn a fee from those trades (as does friend tech).


Phaver is a social platform aiming to revolutionize online social graphs by allowing users to own and build them, rather than corporations. It leverages blockchain technology, specifically integrating with Lens Protocol and CyberConnect among others, to enable a decentralized social experience. Phaver offers features like multi-protocol support for bringing your own socials on-chain, gamified elements to build credibility and earn unique perks, and rewarding contributions with Phaver Points and future token rewards. The platform emphasizes openness, with easy sign-up processes and no whitelists, promoting a more inclusive Web3 social experience.


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