friend tech


  • Buy and trade tokens of your twitter "friends" onchain.


  • Owning a "key" (previously referred to as a "share") to a twitter friend allows you to talk to them and read their "alpha" in a private chat with other keyholders.
  • Speculators may wish to buy keys in the hope the value will go up as more people buy keys of twitter friends.


  • On signing up you must give friend tech permissions to tweet on your behalf (you can revoke this in Twitter settings after you've signed up).
  • There is currently no Privacy Policy (23-Aug-2023).
  • The value of friends' keys can go up or down depending on demand, so if you buy a key there is a chance it will go down in value.
  • There have been similarities drawn with friend tech being similar to "paid groups".


  • By paying for keys you get to talk with people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to talk to.
  • Speculators have bought popular people's keys early, before their value goes up, allowing them to sell keys for a profit as demand (and price) increases.
  • When people trade your keys you earn a fee from those trades (as does friend tech).