The Forta Network monitors on-chain activity in real-time, detecting threats, security-related events and other noteworthy activity. The network is made up of thousands of detection bots developed by a community of Web3 developers and security experts. Each bot acts like a little security camera monitoring something specific on-chain. Some bots monitor generic threats (i.e. phishing attacks, rug pulls), and others monitor protocol-specific activity (i.e. Lido, Compound). There are two primary actors in the Forta Network: **Users, **who consume threat intel generated by the network. Users could be Web3 wallets, DeFi protocols, or centralized exchanges looking for the latest threat intel to protect their customers. **Developers,** who create and maintain detection bots. They could be a leading Web3 security team, an independent security researcher or a DeFi core dev using Forta to monitor their protocol.


MASQ is a dMeshVPN, browser, dAppStore, protocol, and earning ecosystem that makes living in Web3 anonymous and private. MASQ makes it easy for you to access the truly global internet and web3 dApps with our cutting-edge decentralized privacy network and Web3 Browser! The MASQ Network delivers borderless browsing to its users through encrypted peer networking - all working on top of the normal internet without special hardware - by pooling together everyone's internet connections from around the world in a mesh network structure to create a truly global internet. ### Why The internet space is not what it used to be! You are tracked almost everywhere you go and your browsing habits are monetized to the highest bidder. Even worse, internet service providers and entire regions are being restricted or blocked from allowing their citizens to access the whole internet landscape as it was originally intended! Being able to have freedom of access with privacy by default is what MASQ is all about! ### Risk MASQ Network operates at a security level above VPN, and all traffic is encrypted using industry standard TCP connections. The networking protocol is so private that there is no way to determine how many users are on the network, or where traffic is being transported to and from! Users sharing their bandwidth can also filter the content access by choosing family friendly and safe DNS servers when setting up. ### Reward By sharing your internet bandwidth to the MASQ Network, you gain tokens from peers who are securely accessing the clear web from your region of the world - in the most simplest sense you share your digital freedom with those that need it and gain tokens from those users!