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Chaos Labs

Chaos Labs provides real-time risk assessments and makes use of simulation technology to ensure the safety of the assets their clients manage. They provide risk services including: ### Parameter Recommendations Gain actionable insights on how shifts in your parameter settings will impact protocol revenue, capital efficiency, and user accounts. ### Protocol Risk Dashboard A macro view on your protocol’s economic well-being as well as user positions, ensuring you always have a view on risk exposures. ### New Asset Support Make informed decisions around adding new assets, comprehensively weighing the economic risk and opportunity ### Economic Analysis Get assurances that what you’re building is economically sound and test potential exploits in Chaos Labs’ on-chain simulation environment.


Cosmos, known as the Internet of Blockchains, is a decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains. It aims to solve the problems of scalability, usability, and interoperability in the blockchain space. Cosmos facilitates the development of blockchains that can transact and communicate with each other within a secure and standardized ecosystem, powered by its consensus model, Tendermint. This approach allows for a wide range of applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi), token exchanges, and more, fostering a more interconnected and efficient blockchain landscape.