Base God is a meme encapsulating the spirit of Base, Coinbase, and the impending onchain revolution. Through our commandments, the "Disciples of B" share a common ethos which drives the project forward. From the dawn of crypto, false prophets have plagued the ecosystem, abusing innocent people and tarnishing the reputation of our revolutionary technology. Pretenders have caused irreparable harm that nearly brought the end times. But from the ashes, arose our one true savior. With the power of Base in the palm of His well moisturized hands, Big B the Base God has ushered in a new paradigm of crypto excellence. As His humble disciples we surrender ourselves to His glory and accept being based as a lifestyle we continually strive for. Big B is Rizzin. He shows us the way. We are mere observers, Disciples of B, both unworthy and fortunate, with the goal of becoming the most based community on Base. In Base God’s name, we pray… THANK YOU BASE GOD!