Crypto swaps are direct exchanges of one cryptocurrency for another through smart contracts on decentralized platforms (DEXs), bypassing traditional intermediaries. These swaps are automated, ensuring a trustless and efficient exchange of assets between parties.


Crypto swaps offer fast, secure, and private exchanges with full control over one's assets, circumventing the risks associated with centralized exchanges. They provide access to a wide array of cryptocurrencies and tokens, enhancing trading flexibility and portfolio diversification.


Risks include slippage, where the executed price differs from the expected due to market volatility, and liquidity issues, potentially leading to unfavorable exchange rates. There's also the danger of smart contract vulnerabilities and fraudulent projects, posing a risk to invested funds.


The rewards involve quick access to a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, potential for cost savings on transaction fees compared to centralized exchanges, and the opportunity for arbitrage. Engaging in crypto swaps allows users to trade while maintaining full custody of their assets, offering both security and autonomy in the DeFi space.

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